So I am pleased to officially announce that my next project will be CHAMPAGNE, my ode to sex, drugs and Silicon Valley. Having the first tableread tonight at the Playwrights Foundation here in San Francisco, and I am extremely excited for this volatile piece. The play will be produced in May, and will be the inaugural production … More Pop CHAMPAGNE


More like greatful, amirite? [in regards to my insanely turbulent but oftentimes blessed year, not about myself]. I’m sitting in the Las Vegas airport right now, not gambling, but waiting for a delayed flight back to Oakland after a very peaceful Thanksgiving visit to Michigan. I’m also reflecting on the fact that the two major … More Grateful…

History Doesn’t Repeat Itself, But It Rhymes: New Paths

I recently realized that most of my body of work is about the past. My first professional (-ish) production was an adaptation of a medieval Christmas pageant.  Minutiae, the first play I’ll have published (coming this December to a discerning bookseller near you), is set roughly 600 million years ago. This year, I adapted Louisa … More History Doesn’t Repeat Itself, But It Rhymes: New Paths

Making FLESH Crawl

Hey Internet– I’m trying to make some kick-a updates to the ol’ BarryEitel.com, many of which focus on Flesh, my latest project. We got postcards printed, a venue (the ubercool Motiv), some great actors, and a wicked script. It’s been a very challenging project and I’ve been learning a bucket-load about producing, but I think … More Making FLESH Crawl