And the Building Continues…

The smallest
The smallest (and most proto-feminist)

Yesterday, my stage adaptation of Little Women closed after a successful five week run. It’s been a remarkably intense journey for the past seven months, and one of those instances where art and real life intersect in so many ways you start to wonder what movie you’re in and how the reviews were.

But, the spine of theatre is ephemeral and all good things come to an end.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m actively looking into having my adaptation see production again (if you are looking to produce a theatrically daring, unsentimentally sexy study of growing up amidst war and scarlet fever, please contact me via the Contact Me page and we’ll chat Alcott), but now it’s on to the next project.

Which is: Speakeasy. I’m a producer and the head writer for this beast of a project (meaning I’m also managing a healthy team of fellow playwrights as well as writing hella content myself). Basically, I’m helping convert a floor of a building into a fully functioning Speakeasy, ripped straight out of 1923–including a whole universe of intersecting storylines and shelves of Prohibition characters that will create an experience you’ll remember for the rest of your natural life.

Look out for more information as time goes on. Think F. Scott Fitzgerald meets Sleep No More meets the best party you’ve ever been to (including your wedding).

Never hyperbolizing,
Barry Eitel

PS: Hey, I’ll try to update this marginally more often. I remember it’s here and that you all care, I swear.