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Barry Eitel, on the scene.
Barry Eitel, on the scene.

Barry Eitel is the City Editor for the Piedmont Post, a print-only newspaper (they still exist) covering the city of Piedmont, California. In this position, he has profiled the head of Cal Performances, world-class quilters and the Oscar-winning director of Inside Out. He also covers tech, science and business for the international English version of Anadolu Agency, the largest press outlet of Turkey.

A Selected Portfolio Can Be Found Here.


He has also freelanced for:

Wine Country Media
Brit + Co.
World Trade Press
Chicago Theatre Beat

His poetry has appeared in Chicago’s the deadline, along with his serialized short story, “Red Line.”

If you interested in inquiring about his services, please connect with him through the contact page.

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  1. CEitel says:

    Good Sunday Morning!
    I loved your Upsalite article. How interesting and what a well written article.

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