That’s right, ladies and germs–

THE SPEAKEASY is officially open as of tonight. I’ve worked on this piece for the past two years (and it was one of the major reasons I stayed here in California), leading a group of writers in crafting a living novel set in a 1923 San Francisco saloon. It’s been a huge ride leading to drunken shenanigans in Vegas to pick up a roulette wheel and having a “party nap” in a hot tub during a story retreat in Tahoe, as well as being nominally homeless for over half a year.

Oh yea, and we kinda had to reinvent how theatre works to accommodate this beast. It’s been a massive, challenging learning experience, and remains the largest work I’ve ever had a hand in.

All in all, it’s a phenomenal way to start 2014.

Get tickets here.

And here’s some more press information on how the show works:

Let the adventure continue,

Barry Eitel