New Pride and Prejudice Post

Hey internet denizens (internizens?)–

So I recently wrote a blog post for the official SLP “Pride and Prejudice” blog that is basically some Jane Austin fan fiction. I know there are people that are nutbars for stuff like that, so check it out here. And if you aren’t a crazy Austaholic, check it out anyway, cuz it is pretty good.

Also, come check out the show, Saturdays and Sundays until May 13th. It’s like 15 bucks if you say Facebook or some sniz.



“Pride and Prejudice” Opening

Hello, Barry Eitel fans. I just wanted to give you a heads up about the latest project I’m working on, San Leandro Player’s 40s-era production of ‘Pride and Prejudice.’ I play all-around nice guy Charles Bingley (the one that marries Jane, in case you haven’t seen the movie in awhile…..). It opens Saturday.

If you are an East Bay Austen fan, you owe it to yourself to check it out. For seriously. More information can be found here.

Have a good Tuesday. Oh yeah, I also met with former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm today and talked about Michigan, the economy and jobs. I’m trying to formulate some play ideas, so if you are in Michigan and looking to collaborate, hit me up (check out the ‘Contact Me’ page). Do it even if you aren’t in Michigan. I love you.



Barry Eitel


My Professional Journalistic Debut

For anyone who has been following my writing career since the beginning (i.e. me, maybe my mom….and that’s about it), there were some exciting developments last week. I covered a big advertising and technology conference in San Francisco called ad:tech for, a citizen-journalist rag thing.

Anyhoo, it was a ton of fun and I would like to think I did a good job. I saw some mind-blowing stuff, like augmented reality and HTML5. It also drove me to join Cowbird (a flash fiction community, sort of), (an online night club) and Pinterest (I know what a Pinterest is now). Look for updates later on how to find me on all those things.

If you are interested in reading my pieces, the general ad:tech coverage site is here. You can find all of articles right conveniently right here. Some of my faves include an interview with Gravity Jack–an AR developer, Occupy Madison Avenue, and a piece on the next steps in digital innovation. My biggest hit so far, with 11,000 views and counting, is a piece on integrating marketing strategies (a little drier, but hey, I’ll take the eyeballs).

Read on, and come back here for all sorts of new information on Barry Eitel.


Barry Eitel

LEMONS is done, ad:tech begins

Congrats and several thousand thank you’s to FABUM, Inc. and the Dolce Revolution Project for producing my one-act play “Lemons.” It was a blast chilling around DC, speaking to the consul for the British Virgin Islands, and eating at the place where all the congressmen take their mistresses.

Also, my ten minute play “The Algorithm” went up at Bellarmine University to much aplomb. And I recently found out I got accepted to the Santa Cruz Fringe with my site specific play “Flesh.” Yes, it is as sexy as it sounds.

And now I’m working on covering ad:tech San Francsico for It’s gonna be nuts. Lots of crazy tech stuff. Glimpses into the future. THE WORLD IS CHANGING!!!