Look how much fun we all have!
Look how much fun we all have!

More like greatful, amirite?

[in regards to my insanely turbulent but oftentimes blessed year, not about myself].

I’m sitting in the Las Vegas airport right now, not gambling, but waiting for a delayed flight back to Oakland after a very peaceful Thanksgiving visit to Michigan.

I’m also reflecting on the fact that the two major reasons I completely altered my life and remained in the Bay Area are rapidly and beautifully coming to fruition.

The Speakeasy, a vast project (think 350-page living world) two years in the making, is in rehearsal and opens in just over a month (get tickets here). The journey has been perilous, but watching actors breathe life into these words is remarkably rewarding (it always is, but yet somehow stays surprising).

Tonight I have a dinner/coming-out-party with the Pit Crew, a playwright collective that’s been in the works for about the same time. I’m a founding member along with five other Bay playwrights. According to the plan, I’ll have more exciting news soon about 2014.

But, anyway, just thought I’d do a Thanksgiving check-in with the world on this official channel (you can always get less official updates by following me on Twitter or Facebook–I’m not just on social media to tweet at Miley Cyrus no matter what you heard).

…Oh yea, speaking of Miley Cyrus. Also doing a quick adaptation of Alice in Wonderland to benefit Santa Cruz Toys for Tots that’s going up on December 15th. There will be one for kids, and a boozier version for boozier kids. More info here.    

Still got like two hours here,


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