Making FLESH Crawl

Hey Internet–

I’m trying to make some kick-a updates to the ol’, many of which focus on Flesh, my latest project. We got postcards printed, a venue (the ubercool Motiv), some great actors, and a wicked script. It’s been a very challenging project and I’ve been learning a bucket-load about producing, but I think the finished product will be frickin’ awesome (a show about flesh-eating bacteria, and you can drink through the whole thing!).

Get some tickets and come down to lovely Santa Cruz. You won’t be sorry. I might even buy you a drink.

Have a blessed Tuesday evening,
Barry Eitel


Update on “Flesh”

Last week, I had an awesome photo shoot with the lovely Rebecca Stark (and make-up by the ever-thoughtful Eileen Tull) where we nailed the promo shots for Flesh, my entry in the Santa Cruz Fringe Festival. The show is going up at least five times in mid-July. I’m in the process of writing the play, and will also star alongside some other talented actors. Flesh will be directed by Eileen Tull.

No, it isn’t about zombies. Yes, it is about flesh-eating bacteria. And yes, it will be set at a real bar where the audience can drink (and cry into) beers and cocktails. We’re in contact with several Santa Cruz bars, but if you have a place (or know of one), hit me up on the contact page and we’ll talk.

More details to come. This is so friggin’ exciting. And, by the way, Santa Cruz is pretty awesome.

Barry Eitel