Spent a week hygge’n out…

Hey! Just returned from spending Easter in Scandinavia, where the pastries are so good they name them after the countries, or at least Denmark.

Oh, yea, and I proposed to my girlfriend Clare. Even more exciting, she said yes!


This was on top of the Oslo Opera House overlooking the harbor. How artistic!

Ok, I’ll indulge you in a few more photos of some of the more gorgeous stuff….


The fjords in Norway weren’t so bad. 


Saws lots of changings of the guards — this one in Stockholm, where we also enjoyed lots of fika. 


Here’s me losing the race of my camera’s timer outside Rosenborg Castle near Copenhagen.

And hey, here is some theatre-related content that y’all crave.


This is me knocking on the big doors of Kronborg Castle, also known to many as Elsinore, the setting for a little play called Hamlet by an up-and-coming dramatist Bill Shakespeare.


This is me standing outside the apartment where Henrik Ibsen spent the last few years of his life  across from the King’s Garden in Oslo. He apparently was pretty vain and petty, which makes me feel a lot better about myself!


This is Ibsen’s writing room. He kept a massive portrait of himself there as well as a large portrait of Swedish playwright August Strindberg that was positioned to be over his shoulder as he wrote at his desk. 

Ok. Working hard on bringing CHAMPAGNE to life in June. Stay diligent and keep checking this page for fun and informative updates.








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  1. Scott says:

    Congratulations Barry! We look forward to meeting the new cousin-in-law! Scandinavia is a great place to propose. How romantic.

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