Ishtar in Syria at the SF Olympians


Ishtar in Syria
The haughty King (Richard Bunker) talks down to the war goddess Ishtar (Amitis Rossoukh), the palace guard (Sasha Motalygo) and Ilabrat (Ayelet Schrek) in a staged reading of ISHTAR IN SYRIA, part of the 2017 SF Olympians Festival (photo credit: Paul Anderson).

Hello all–it’s been a spookily fun October so far. On Friday, October 13 (yikes), there was a staged reading of my play ISHTAR IN SYRIA as part of the 2017 SF Olympian Festival, which features a bunch of neat writers taking on ancient myths.

Last October, I proposed a play based off the myth of Mesopotamian goddess Ishtar that would also be a Brechtian-style examination of the Syrian Civil War and the follies of Western interventionism. Writing the piece, which is written in verse, was an immensely challenging experience and it was so gratifying to see it come to life. Directed by Sara Razavi, the reading had a brilliant cast and I’m very excited to see where it goes next.

Where’s next? Well, I’m prepping a production of my play CHAMPAGNE with 6NewPlays and getting ready, already, for the 2018 Olympian Festival — but its tarantula mating season right now in the Bay Area, so there is a lot going on.


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