October Update: Happy Halloween!

Remember, hand-washing is very important — a promo shot from my play FLESH, a piece in the 2012 Santa Cruz Fringe Festival

Happy Halloween from everyone here at BarryEitel.com! This October has been pretty busy so far, with lots of pumpkin picking and writing and oh yea fall TV is back, BABY!

Right at the start of this autumnal era, I found out I was selected for the SF Olympians Festival — the long-running festival of staged readings of myth-inspired plays. This year, the plays, there’s like 40 of them, are moving beyond Mt. Olympus and focus on the gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia and Latium (which I figured out is like pre-Roman Empire Italy).

I was selected to write one of the four full-length plays of the festival for the Mesopotamian goddess Ishtar. The piece will be an allegory of the Syrian Civil War, allowing me to finally get a chance to defeat ISIS via the very relevant medium of theatre.

Mark your calendars now: ISHTAR IN SYRIA opens at 8 p.m. on Friday, October 13, 2017 at the Exit Theater here in San Francisco.

Also, keep your eyes glued here for info on the upcoming production of THE COOL, a play featuring live jazz and a vibrant, engrossing cross-section of 1950s Americana. This piece, which features actor Phil Watt playing the timeless jazz trumpeter Chet Baker, is set to open in February.

And in more pressing big news — dark is a different beast by Andrea Hart is going up on November 4 here in San Francisco. It’s the second play produced by 6NewPlays, the new play collective that I co-founded alongside five other Bay Area playwrights. Our inaugural piece, Chris Chen’s Home Invasion, went up in March and sold out every performance, so buy your tickets now.

Alright, see you nerds at Thanksgiving.

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