The Explorers: A Shipwreck Play
The Explorers: A Shipwreck Play

Back in August, I learned what the “thing I’m doing over the fall” would be–I am honored to announce that I am the Artist-in-Residence for the Bay Area Discovery Museum in Sausalito, CA.

For my residency, I’m creating an interactive, site-specific play for children with the current title of the THE EXPLORERS: A SHIPWRECK PLAY. The piece will be in line with the museum’s mission of inspiring creativity through play, and I’m super excited to be working with them.

There will be plenty more details to follow, but for now, mark you calendars for the last weekend in November.

Keep it real.



I'll be getting wrecked at the Bay Area Discovery Museum this fall.
I’ll be getting wrecked at the Bay Area Discovery Museum this fall.

Hey internet!

Great news today–I found out that the Bay Area Discovery Museum in pretty little Sausalito, CA has selected me to be their Artist-in-Residence for the Fall!

I got something for the fall! I can finally add “artist” to my resume! Look at me now, mom!

As the AIR, I will present an interactive site-specific piece tentatively titled The Explorers: A Shipwreck Play.

The BADM is awesome and their mission of inspiring creative thinking through play is crucial for today’s kids.

So my fall will be filled with children, pirates and stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge.

There's a model Golden Gate Bridge that you don't have to pay $7 to go over at the museum.
There’s a model Golden Gate Bridge that you don’t have to pay $7 to go over at the museum.

The rest of my summer will be filled with a trip to optometrist, Outside Lands, probably a tanline from sunglasses, you know the drill. Enjoy your August!


Be Good to Each Other,

Barry Eitel




How explosive
How explosive

So I am pleased to officially announce that my next project will be CHAMPAGNE, my ode to sex, drugs and Silicon Valley.

Having the first tableread tonight at the Playwrights Foundation here in San Francisco, and I am extremely excited for this volatile piece.

The play will be produced in May, and will be the inaugural production of 6NewPlays, a Bay Area playwrights collective I co-founded alongside five of the most awesome dramatists in the Bay (and, therefore, also the world).

Anyway, figured I’d keep you updated and happy. There will be much more information to come.



That’s right, ladies and germs–

THE SPEAKEASY is officially open as of tonight. I’ve worked on this piece for the past two years (and it was one of the major reasons I stayed here in California), leading a group of writers in crafting a living novel set in a 1923 San Francisco saloon. It’s been a huge ride leading to drunken shenanigans in Vegas to pick up a roulette wheel and having a “party nap” in a hot tub during a story retreat in Tahoe, as well as being nominally homeless for over half a year.

Oh yea, and we kinda had to reinvent how theatre works to accommodate this beast. It’s been a massive, challenging learning experience, and remains the largest work I’ve ever had a hand in.

All in all, it’s a phenomenal way to start 2014.

Get tickets here.

And here’s some more press information on how the show works:



Let the adventure continue,

Barry Eitel